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Other Expense in Minzu University of China

I. Study Fee

Degree student’ tuition is charged according to the amount of credits that he/she chooses. The following prices are listed only for reference.

Fee Item

Sum (RMB)

Application fee for non-degree students

400 per person

Application fee for degree students

600 per person

Teaching materials and handouts fee

300 per semester

Insurance fee

300 per semester
(if over 45 years old,
600 per semester)

Tuition for long-term Chinese language student

17600 per academic year

Tuition for bachelor’s degree student or general advanced student

20000 per academic year

Tuition for master’s degree student or senior advanced student

22400 per academic year

Tuition for doctor’s degree student or minority language student

25600 per academic year

Tuition for Chinese language transfer student

640 per week

Tuition for one-to-one Chinese language student

80 per hour

Tuition for one-to-one Chinese minority language student

100 per hour

II. Accommodations and Fees

1. The university has two dormitory buildings for international students.

(1) East Gate International House

MUC International House is located outside the West Gate of the university. There are totally 75 apartments in the International House, able to lodge 191 international students. At the first floor, there is a public study room and a Convenience Store.

In each apartment, there are facilities such as living room (with sofa and tea table), kitchen (with range hood, electric kettle), bathroom (with shower), air-conditioner, television, washing machine, direct-dialing telephone (using 201 card), beds, desks, wardrobe, broad-band Internet.

Room Fee (RMB/bed/day)

[AB Room refers to an apartment with

two individual bedrooms (A and B); two rooms share one kitchen, one bathroom and one living room.]

Standard Double Room, 70

Standard Triple Room, 55

AB Single Room, 85

AB Double Room, 55

AB Quad Room, 55

Room Deposit

1000 (paid when check in)

Broad-band Internet


Water & Electricity Expenses

Excluded in room fee, to be paid separately

(2) Minda Guest House (the former East Gate International House): RMB1000 as deposit, standard double room (RMB 80/bed/day), luxury single room (RMB140/bed/day). Facilities include bathroom (with shower), air conditioner, TV, direct outward telephone, bed (with bedding), desk, wardrobe, safe, wireless Internet service, public washing machine. Water and Electricity expenses are included.

2. International students can rent apartment off campus with Registration Form for Temporary Residence from the local police station.

3. All cafeterias and restaurants on campus are available to international students.

MUC has 4 student cafeterias (including 1 Muslim canteen) and some restaurants with local flavors, catering to different tastes of all Chinese and international students. The actual meal fare depends, about ¥20 per day.

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